NOTE: ** If you are ordering brownies to go with a floral bouquet, please know that they will be delivered separately as the brownies are shipped via FedEx.

Admin Day Blondie & Brownie Combo

The Blondie & Brownie Combo is a great gift for Administrative Professionals Day, cookies and brownies arrive in a box decorated with an Happy Admin Day band.

Gift includes:

15 pieces

6 Fairytale Brownies:
1 Caramel Brownie, 1 Chocolate Chip Brownie, 1 Original Brownie, 1 Toffee Crunch Brownie, 1 Walnut Brownie, 1 Cream Cheese Brownie.
9 Fairytale Blondie:
3 Chocolate Chip Blondie, 2 Raspberry White Chocolate Blondie, 2 Cheesecake Swirl Blondie, 2 Cinnamon Crumb Blondie.

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