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Decorating for Chanukah

Chanukah is right around the shutterstock_167364551corner, which means that families everywhere are beginning to scramble to get ready for their dinners and parties that they will having together and with friends. While many people will bring out their menorah, some dreidels, and other traditional decorations, adding something fresh to the home can be a great way to make the home look even more festive and welcoming. Flowers can be fantastic additions to the rest of the Chanukah decorations. Here are some great ways to use flowers this year for the celebrations.

A table centerpiecezoom_C87HanukkahCenterpiece08110531252

When families and friends come together to celebrate Chanukah, the dinner can be one of the most special portions of the celebration. Everyone will sit down to enjoy a fantastic meal comprised of traditional and loved foods while telling stories and bonding with the others at the table. Choosing a beautiful centerpiece can help bring the entire table together and make everything appear even more festive and ready for the celebration. Selecting an arrangement that includes the traditional blue and white colors of Chanukah is a wonderful way to make the arrangement look more even more appropriate. Flowers such as blue delphinium and white lilies can be particularly spectacular.

Smaller arrangzoom_2010C10510102144409 ements for other tables and mantels

Many families have multiple tables throughout their home, including side tables in the living room, mantels over the fireplace, or even extra tables in the kitchen for holding desserts and other parts of the big Chanukah dinner. Dress up these tables with some smaller arrangements, such as a floral cube that incorporates some beautiful flowers such as lilies, irises, and d elphinium. It will add the perfect complement to the rest of the decor. Those heading back to work during the day after the celebrations can also bring these arrangements to their office and the size will fit perfectly on any desk and help people feel festive even while working.

Welcoming arrangements in the entrancewayzoom_Welcome to GiftTree736050

Nothing can get a Chanukah celebration off to a good start than by having a large welcoming  to greet people when they first come into the home. Use an arrangement that has larger, eye-catching flowers, such as white larkspur and lilies.

Chanukah approaches quickly, which means that families everywhere are looking to decorate their homes with lively and festive items. Flowers can be a wonderful addition to any decor, bringing beautiful colors and a bit of life to any home.