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How to Grow Succulents Indoors

Succulents have quickly become some of the most popular houseplants available, and it’s really no surprise. They’re trendy, easy to grow, and affordable. Plus, there are so many varieties with unique shapes, colors, and textures that they’re also really fun to collect. If you’re thinking about modernizing the look of your Phoenix home or office with a few potted succulents, then take a moment to look over this quick succulent care guide from the experts at Phoenix Flower Shops.

How Succulents Differ from Other Plants

Most green plants have thin, paper-like leaves, but succulents sprout thick, rubbery leaves. They’re different because their thicker leaf structures retain water, making them the perfect plants for the Arizona climate.

Various Succulent Plants

Various Succulent Plants

Why Succulents Are Wonderful Houseplants

Succulents are fun to look at and collect. They also help create a calm atmosphere with positive energy that improves productivity and concentration. Succulents can also help improve your indoor environment. They fight off indoor air pollution by purifying the air. Succulent roots pump air into the soil. When harmful toxins, like VOCs, reach their roots, they convert the chemicals into nutrients. Succulents also replenish the air by constantly emitting fresh oxygen.

Top Succulent Varieties


Echeveria Succulents

Echeveria Succulents

Succulents - Echeveria

Succulents – Echeveria


Echeveria plants are some of the most commonly found succulents. They grow in pretty starburst shapes, and different varieties come in lots of different colors including shades of pink, green, red, and even black. Echeveria succulents do well potted on their own or in succulent gardens with other plants.


Jade Plant

Jade Plant


Jades are another beloved type of succulent. They have brown stems and green leaves that make them look like small trees. Well-tended jade plants can live for an unbelievably long time. Many jade plants turn into heirlooms, as they’re passed down from generation to generation in a family.


Orange Kalanchoe

Orange Kalanchoe


Kalanchoes are some of the happiest-looking succulents around. They have broad, paddle-like leaves in vibrant shades of green and bloom with clusters of small colors in hues like red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. A healthy kalanchoe will bloom annually starting in autumn and not stopping until spring, effectively brightening some of the darkest and shortest days of the year.

The Secret to Indoor Succulent Care

Succulents are very low-maintenance plants that require little water and pruning. They make great indoor plants because they can survive in low light areas. In Arizona, however, they are wonderful as indoor or outdoor plants. Adapted to a desert climate, succulents naturally do well growing outdoors in Phoenix. With the right care, they can also thrive inside. Indoor succulents basically thrive on neglect. The main trick to caring for them is remembering to leave them alone.

Easy to care for and long lasting, succulent gardens are decorative and perfect for any occasion. Features a variety of succulent plants in a decorative 10" ceramic bowl.

Succulent Garden Large

Pot succulents with low-nutrient soil formulated for cacti or succulents and put them in a container that will drain easily. Succulents can survive in low-light conditions, but they prefer a sunny spot. Since succulents retain water in their leaf structure, they require much less water than other household plants. A light watering every couple of weeks should be fine. They do not do well if they are left in a soggy environment, so be sure not to over-water and be sure pots are always allowed to drain completely.

Succulents - Collection

Succulents – Collection

If a succulent’s leaves begin turning yellow or brown, this indicates distress. Usually, succulents suffer due to over-watering, but they can also become unhealthy due to receive too little water. Check the soil and contact a professional at Phoenix Flower Shops for help.