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Delight in the Wonderfully Rich Colors of These Fall Flowers

The trending colors of the season can often be found just by looking outside your window. As the seasons change, they bring new flowers and colors with them. For instance, the summer is full of vibrant multicolored blooms and tropical plants like hibiscus, birds of paradise, orchids, and lilies. This fall, your home decor is sure to be influenced by the natural turn of colors you see on the trees and in seasonal autumn floral arrangements. The experts here at Phoenix Flower Shops are sharing what you can expect to see this fall.

What Colors Are in Season?


While red roses are perfect for many occasions all year round, in addition to orange roses, white roses, and yellow roses, they are often spied in many fall flower arrangements, too. These colored roses create a warm welcome for the new season with both their natural beauty, delicate petals, and rich, meaningful symbolism. Red roses represent love and passion, orange roses are linked to energy, life, passion, and excitement, white roses mean purity and innocence, and yellow roses symbolize delight and friendship.


A true sign of autumn is when you begin to see chrysanthemums beginning to bloom in gardens around your neighborhood and in nurseries throughout your community. These flowers range in hues of white, yellow, orange, red, purple, and lavender. You can also find bicolor mums, like the “Stacy Dazzling Orange” or “Flamingo Pink Pineapple.” Known as “the queen of fall flowers,” mums are the perfect transition from the bright and lively colors of summer to the rich and more neutral hues of autumn.


As sunflowers bloom later in the summer season, they bless us with their uplifting and cheerful beauty throughout much of the autumn season as well. It’s no wonder these sunny yellow flowers with their brown center, are linked to good luck and lasting happiness. Sunflowers prove to be a lovely bloom for fall home decor and can even be found in colors such as red, purple, white, pink, and brown.


Another spring and summer favorite, daisies are a wonderful addition or even the foundation for autumn arrangements. This season your eyes will be met with a variety of daisies offering stunning fall hues like yellow, orange, red, and purple. Since daisies are a symbol of new beginnings, transformation, cheerfulness, purity, and innocence, they are simply perfect to celebrate this time of year.

Craspedia Billy Balls

A fun accent flower found in arrangements during the fall season are craspedia billy balls. These tall yellow spherical plants are playful, eye-catching, and unforgettable. They can even be displayed in a bunch of their own in your favorite vase to add unique variety to your home.


From late summer through the autumn season goldenrod wildflowers are seen along roadsides, in gardens, on hillsides, in floral bouquets, and almost anywhere else. Associated with wealth, prosperity, happiness, and new beginnings, these clusters of small golden yellow flowers brighten your day and home as the leaves begin to change and fall.

Sweet Alyssum

Blooming in a range of white, purple, pink, red, and yellow hues, sweet alyssum offers both an alluring “sweet” fragrance in addition to its alluring “sweet” natural beauty. Since these tiny blooms have a large impact on our senses, they are surely a show-stopping addition to any autumn arrangement.


A classic and popular fall favorite, it’s not surprising that marigolds are also the October birth flower. With a resemblance to daisies and carnations, these bright, cheery, pom-pom-like blooms are often orange, yellow, and sometimes red. As we move into the chilly fall months, marigolds are an uplifting reminder and a symbol of power, strength, and light, as well as positive emotions and energy.

Fall flowers are sure to fit seamlessly into your home decor as their blooms and petals have a natural influence on the season’s trending styles and colors. Autumn floral arrangements from XXX are also stunning centerpieces for gathering around the table with loved ones during a thanksgiving or a friends-giving dinner. They also prove to be an incredibly thoughtful host or hostess gift!