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Give Them Violets for February

shutterstock_196566356Whether you’re looking for a gift to give someone for a February birthday or you’d simply like to brighten someone’s day, there’s no better flower than the violet. These pretty flowers come in a variety of shades, and they’re packed with special meanings. Let Phoenix Flower Shops show you everything you need to know about these adorable little flowers.

The History of Violets

As the birth flower for February, violets are steeped in history and folklore. One of the oldest myths surrounding the violet dates back to ancient Greece. According to the story, the nymphs associated with the goddess Diana had sworn to a life of purity and chastity. However, Diana’s brother Apollo fell in love with one of the nymphs and pursued her. To protect the nymph from Apollo, Diana transformed her into a violet. Because of this story, violets have come to represent purity, innocence, chastity, and modesty.

Further Meanings

Violets are also strongly associated with Christianity and the Virgin Mary. In fact, “Viola orodata” is Latin for “Our Lady’s Modesty.” Because of these traditions, violets also represent wisdom, faithfulness, and humility.

The Victorians took the meaning of the violet a step further. Their language of flowers assigned the meanings of watchfulness and loyalty to the violet.

Great Ways to Give Violets

Blooming Garden

Blooming Garden

One of the great things about giving violets is that they’re very easy to care for. These plants do well in low light, and they take less water than most other houseplants. Violets are versatile, too. A single potted violet is every bit as lovely as a planter made from violets of different colors.

Violets also make great dish gardens. One of our favorite dish gardens features a violet centerpiece surrounded by lush tropical greenery. These dish gardens come in your choice of ceramic planters or baskets. Either way, a dish garden that features violets is the perfect way to add life to your loved one’s home or office.

Our Blooming Garden is another great choice. In this basket, we use violets and other bright, blooming favorites like kalanchoe, chrysanthemum, and peace lilies. With the Blooming Garden, you can celebrate a February birthday or welcome the coming of spring.

There are so many great reasons to send violets – give them for their meaning, to mark a February birthday, or just so your friends and family can enjoy these dainty blooms. Whatever your reasons are, you can be sure that these simple but beautiful flowers will bring a smile to someone’s face!