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Learn Which Flowers Are Perfect for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Him

Flowers on Valentine’s Day are a classic symbol of love, but they’re often overlooked as a gift for men. Yet, with only 12% of men ever receiving flowers, this presents a unique opportunity to make your Valentine’s Day gift stand out and brighten his day. The Society of American Florists reports that 60% of men would actually love receiving fresh flowers to celebrate holidays and special occasions, and research shows that giving flowers to men enhances their openness and ability to connect more deeply with their partners. While there are tons of stunning seasonal and symbolic stems to choose from, the experts at Phoenix Flower Shops, the top florist in Phoenix, are here to help. We have rounded up the best five flowers that will speak directly to your man’s heart and express your sincere love and affection this Valentine’s Day.

Gerbera Daisies

Celebrate your passionate love with equally exuberant bright colors. For a Valentine’s Day that stands out, consider the bold and bright gerbera daisies for your man. Their striking colors make a delightful statement and are perfect for adding a pop of cheerfulness to any arrangement. Personalize your gift by selecting from the array of hues these flowers offer, tailoring it to his tastes or the special moments you share, ensuring your gift is as unique as your relationship.


This Valentine’s Day, let the robust and radiant anthuriums carry your heartfelt sentiments. Their waxy, heart-shaped blooms and lively shades of love are a sophisticated choice for any arrangement. Blooming in sweet pinks, graceful whites, and passionate reds, the longevity of anthuriums also symbolizes the strength and persistence of your love, offering a lasting reminder of your endless love for one another.

Birds of Paradise

Tropical flowers, especially birds of paradise, are a wonderful choice for a man because they bloom in fiery hues and have interesting shapes and unusual textures that work well in the types of modern designs that men tend to favor. Perfect for the guy who loves a bit of drama and excitement, birds of paradise embody the spirit of adventure and the joy of a love that’s anything but ordinary. They send a message of enthusiasm for the thrilling path you walk together, full of energy, color, and the beauty of the unexpected.

Red Roses

Choosing red roses for Valentine’s Day is a traditional, and timeless way to show your man how much he means to you. These iconic flowers symbolize the depth of your romantic passion, as well as the adoration and sincere love you have for him. To add a unique twist to a rose bouquet, select a hue that speaks to your relationship, whether classic red for passion,
energetic orange for fascination, or sweet pink for grace and joy. You can also tailor the number of stems to mirror the cherished memories or years you’ve been together, making them a narrative of your love.


Orchids are the ideal Valentine’s Day bloom for the suave and sophisticated man in your life. These flowering plants are known for their refined beauty and diverse color spectrum. Choose colors that speak to his personality, like reds for deep-seated passion, purples for nobility and respect, or blue for his calming nature. The serene energy of orchids also makes them a symbol of peace and tranquility amidst your exciting, romantic celebrations.

Let the experts at Phoenix Flower Shops guide you through the beautiful world of symbolic and romantic blooms. On Valentine’s Day, a handpicked bouquet of fresh flowers is the ideal expression of your love for him.

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