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Romantic Pastel Flowers We Love

Pastel flowers offer their own style of romance – one that seems more intimate and personal with their light, pale colors whispering “I adore you” more than shouting it. Pastels also offer more calming and soothing vibes and are the perfect spring colors to freshen your home, brighten your spirits, and let someone know you love them. Here at Phoenix Flower Shops, the best florist and flower deliver in Phoenix, we love creating floral arrangements with the beautiful, soft, delicate, and alluring pastel-colored flowers. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Alluring Soft-Hued Pastel Flowers Perfect for Romance


Pink Rose

The delicate softness and innocence of the lovely pink rose enhances any arrangement. Symbolizing sweetness, femininity, and elegance, this pastel beauty is cherished all season long.

Pink Carnation

Carnations can be found in nearly every color and the pale, pastel colors are perfect for announcing early spring. Generally, the carnation represents love and fascination with particular colors carrying their private meaning. The pink carnation is a signal of thanks and gratitude.

Lavender Mum

Chrysanthemums have a wide variety of meanings throughout different cultures. A flower that is indigenous to China, chrysanthemums are highly regarded and cherished. New life and reincarnation are represented by the chrysanthemum in China. The purple mum, especially, is associated with longevity as well as the imperial household.


Hydrangeas are famous for their full, rounded blooms made up of huge flowers. They are known to symbolize abundance and prosperity and come in an assortment of delicate hued shades like green, blue, lavender, and pink.


Lilacs are gorgeous stalked blooms with abundant petals. With a diverse array of meaning and symbolism throughout different countries and history, Lilacs are traditionally associated with the joyfulness of youth.

Bells of Ireland

A uniquely shaped and wonderful flower, the Bells of Ireland has enlarged calyxes within the kind of a bell. A plant that is actually grown in Turkey rather than Ireland, its name derives from the shape of a good luck charm in Ireland. The Bells of Ireland symbolize the very best of luck and prosperity. It’s also a popular flower in weddings and for other special celebrations such as Easter and St. Patrick’s Day.

A glorious assortment of roses, larkspur, carnations, alstroemeria and more in shades of pink, peach and white make this basket a true beauty. Our Lift Me Up basket will brighten her day and make her heart soar

Lift Me Up Basket

A glorious assortment of carnations, roses, alstroemeria, larkspur, and more in shades of pink, white, and peach make this basket a true beauty. Our Lift Me Up Basket will brighten anyone’s day and make their spirits soar. Perfect for Mother’s Day or just because, this celebration of spring is truly stunning.

Pastel florals are perfect for Easter gatherings, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or just because. The great thing about pastels is that they won’t conflict with anyone’s decoration. They are delicate hued beauties that perfectly complement any room.

For more great arrangements of pastel-colored flowers and other gorgeous spring blossoms, peruse our online catalog now.