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It’s National Poinsettia Day…

Holiday Bouquet Poinsettia by Phoenix Flower Shops

Did you know that the poinsettia has a special day all its own? The US Congress set aside December 12th as National Poinsettia Day. It is in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who died on December 12, 1851.

Poinsett was the first US Ambassador to Mexico and is credited with introducing the native Mexican plant to the USA. He later went on to found the institution which we know today as the Smithsonian Institution.

While visiting Taxco del Alarcon in Southern Mexico, Poisett shipped some of plants to his greenhouse in South Carolina. He then began growing them and giving them as gifts to friends.

The botanical name of this popular Christmas Plant is Euphorbia pulcherrima. It became known by it’s popular name of “poinsettia” around 1836. The origin of the name recognizing the man who first brought the plant to the United States.

In Mexican folklore, there is a story of a poor girl who had no gift to present the Christ Child at Christmas Eve Services. As Pepita walked to the chapel with her cousin Pedro, her heart was filled with sadness rather than joy. Even the most humble gift, if given in love, will be acceptable in His eyes,” said Pedro consolingly.

Not knowing what else to do, Pepita gathered a handful of common weeds from the roadside, fashioning them into a small bouquet. Looking at the scraggly bunch of weeds, she felt saddened and embarrassed by the humbleness of her offering. She fought back a tear as she entered the small village chapel.

As she approached the altar, she remembered Pedro’s words: “Even the most humble gift, if given in love, will be acceptable in His eyes.” She felt her spirit lift as she knelt to lay the bouquet at the foot of the nativity scene. Suddenly, the bouquet of weeds burst into blooms of brilliant red. All who saw them were certain that they had witnessed a Christmas miracle right before their eyes.

From that day, the bright red flowers became known as the “Flores de Noche Buena”, or “Flowers of the Holy Night”. They bloomed each year during the Christmas season and thus, the legend of the poinsettia was born.

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