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Set Up For Success- 5 College Essentials

College students everywhere are headed off to campus soon. This is a great time for them to spread their wings and become a little more independent. We, however, want to make sure they have everything they need. That’s why the designers at Phoenix Flower Shops have created a short list of gifts you can give your student and set them up for success as they head off to campus. Here are some college essentials every student should have. 

Thoughtful Presents

Ceramic Planter full of house plantsSpecial Thoughts From Home Students love receiving mail and packages at college. Send the very best and warm their hearts when they know you’re thinking about them from far away. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a fun indoor plant or delicious treat basket are great ways to remind your student that you’re thinking about them always.



A cool Ceramic Dish Garden is the perfect desktop design for busy co-eds. With low-maintenance foliage that purifies the air, students can breathe easy knowing their plant will last all year.

Bright colorful flowers blooming




Our Colorsplash Cube will deliver bright fun to any room or dorm. Roses, lilies, delphinium, mums and more in a rainbow of colors stay compact in a clear glass cube vase.



Snack basket full of snacks and candy

Satisfy your student’s sweet tooth with our Junk Food Picnic and avoid midnight cravings. Keep students motivated with their favorite chips, candy bars, cookies, crackers and candies in a reusable container.

Useful Thoughts

Bike Navigating campus will be so much easier with a bike! Students can get to class faster while avoiding ridiculous parking fees and overcrowded parking lots. 

Laundry Accessories Make sure your student does laundry frequently when you gift them with accessories that make the job easier. Reusable dryer balls, drying racks, and a sturdy laundry basket or bag will encourage them to do laundry in a timely manner.

Gift Cards College students live on a tight budget. Every once in a while, send a greeting card that just says “Thinking of You” with a gas or grocery gift card included. They’ll love to see a card for their favorite restaurant or boutique once a while, too!

Noise-Canceling Headphones Finding a quiet place to study on a college campus can be challenging. Help your student block out distractions and stay focused with noise canceling headphones.

More than anything, students just need to know that you’ve got their back. Show your support and encourage them on their path to success with wonderful back-to-school items that make life a little easier. For more great gift ideas, talk to the designers at Phoenix Flower Shops. We will be happy to share more great ideas with you and help you set your student up for success.