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Flowers for Stunning Holiday Weddings

Winter weddings bring a level of elegance like no other time of year. The decor tends to be more subdued and classic, with antique flourishes and understated accents. If you’re planning a holiday wedding this year, consider these flower choices in all white or accented with red, burgundy or deep Christmas greenery:

Dazzle Them with Orchids in Winter

The orchid continues to be a favorite among wedding planners, and it’s easy to see why. The exotic orchid exudes tropical charm and grace, creating the perfect mood at any wedding, especially a winter one. Its subtle silhouette brings a class and beauty all its own, and you’re sure to dazzle and delight your guests with this flower choice.

Make orchid the center of attention in centerpieces, bouquets and arrangements at your ceremony and reception. They also blend exquisitely with other flowers. The Orchids and Berries arrangement is a prime example of blending winter white with artful holiday red accents for a truly elegant effect. This bouquet combines dendrobium orchids with deep red berries and pine cone accents for a truly classy holiday look.

Christmas Rose Bouquet

Christmas Rose Bouquet

Vera Wang Wedding Centerpiece

Vera Wang Wedding Centerpieces

Say it with Roses

You simply can’t go wrong with the classic rose as your wedding flower of choice. The regal rose is the classic symbol of love, and a red or burgundy tone could be the perfect choice for your holiday wedding decor. Pure white or antique white roses are another stunning holiday flower choice.

You can make roses the main decor flower or combine it with others for added texture. Cherished Friend combines white roses, Peruvian lilies and lush greens for a stunning holiday flower effect. The Special Blessings bouquet features white roses as well as snapdragons, Asiatic lilies and carnations to delight your holiday wedding guests.

Lilies for Your Holiday Wedding

The gorgeous lily isn’t just for springtime events. Its regal trumpet shape is unlike any other flower and can really make a statement at your holiday wedding. Make white lilies the focal point of your floral decor or combine them with other holiday blooms for a truly stunning winter wedding atmosphere. Peaceful White Lilies combines the dazzling lily along with other choice white blooms.

Holiday-inspired flower choices can be the perfect selection for your winter wedding decor. Artistic blooms in bright white or holiday reds and greens can help to decorate your winter wedding and create the perfect mood. If you’re planning a wedding around the holidays, consider these flower ideas.

We understand that weddings are very personal and each one unique. At Phoenix Flower Shops, we offer experienced wedding consultants to help suggest flowers and decorations for your special day.