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Fun Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Best Buds

If you need a reason to celebrate all the people you love, admire, and respect in your life, look no further than Valentine’s Day! From trusted co-workers to friends who feel like family and treasured neighbors to people who are always there for you, there are so many reasons to show and spread love. Nowadays, the paper valentines from your school years might not make as big of a splash, but there are definitely more refined ways to elicit the same emotions you once had when you received a sweet box of conversation hearts as a kid. Here at Phoenix Flower Shops, the top florist in Phoenix, AZ, , our experts have compiled a guide to the swoon-worthy stems to send this Valentine’s Day. Read on to learn all about the best blooms to share your love with all the different types of people in your life and make everyone feel the love.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower your BFF with love. Flowers can help accentuate and express those heartfelt feelings you share for each kind of best bud you have. And while a romantic bouquet of red roses might not send the right message, a whimsical design of yellow blooms will send the perfect sentiment of friendship, joy, admiration, loyalty, family, and support. Let us create this for you, using stems of roses, lilies, sunflowers, orchids, and even hydrangeas that’ll surely melt hearts on any occasion.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

For your gal pals that have it all, a meaningful gift can be hard to find! Fortunately, a wonderous floral arrangement is a great alternative and sentimental gift in such a case. From a cheery Galentine’s Day to an intimate Valentine’s Day, flowers can help set the scene for a joyful celebration of love. For a serene spa day of pampering, we suggest bringing a fresh design of blue blooms to signify serenity and peace. Or, for a joyous game night or ladies’ night in, opt for a striking pink bouquet to represent femininity and grace.

Gift Ideas for Men

How does one set the tone for romance on Valentine’s Day when the go-to gifts for your special guy are always hot sauces, beef jerky, and beer koozies? Now it’s not to say he does not like these things but lets up the bar with an unexpected delivery of flowers that will certainly spark those romantic flames. A design of bold, hardy, and colorful flowers will ignite the passion for this special day. Or, if you’re still not convinced, consider sending him a green or blooming plant, like an orchid, azalea, kalanchoe, or even a cactus garden.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Set the tone and create a moonstruck scene for you and your very special person, or simply reinforce the admiration you have for the other couples in your life this Valentine’s Day. A romantic night in is not complete without a Cupid-approved bouquet of white and red roses, lilies, or carnations. And, of course, if you’re looking to amplify the profound love you share with the recipient, consider add the perfect pairing to your Valentine’s Day delivery.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

The feeling of calm and security in one’s home is only intensified with the addition of a great neighbor! Whether they’re always available to lend an extra hand on the big DIY projects or simply have the crucial missing ingredient to your signature dish, our neighbors seemingly always come through in a pinch. The friendship and comradery built over backyard BBQs is something we feel is important and worth celebrating, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day. Send them their favorite flowers in peach and pink to represent the grace, happiness, appreciation, sweetness, sincerity, and thoughtfulness to make their day as bright as they make yours.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

For the coworkers that keep you going, surprise them with a gift that can increase productivity and boost excitement this Valentine’s Day. Plants or fresh florals will certainly fit the bill! A vibrant and stunning design overflowing with bold orange flowers, like gerbera daisies, lilies, orchids, calla lilies, and hibiscus (we’ll stop there because the list could go on and on), will certainly brighten any workspace while signifying success, exuberance, passion, and enthusiasm for both work and life.

Just call us Cupid, because nothing can surpass a sweet, heartfelt, and loving array of flowers for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day. From traditional designs to modern arrangements, florals hold something for everyone. Select the perfectly personalized Valentine’s Day bouquet today at Phoenix Flower Shops in Phoenix, AZ.