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Happy New Year: Flowers

shutterstock_229555180 Bring out the noisemakers, because the New Year is about to arrive. Those who love this time of year know that decorating and celebrating the dropping of the ball is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family. It also serves as an excellent time of year to make resolutions and begin anew with fresh ideas and goals. Decorating for the holiday can help get anyone in the right spirit, and fresh flowers from Phoenix Flower Shops will be the perfect trick. These gorgeous blooms make it easy to add them to nearly every room in the house and light up the faces of all those who see them. Here are a few bouquet ideas to get started planning the perfect flower arrangements.

A holiday centerpiece

Whether a person will be hosting a large party or just have a New Years Eve dinner with their immediate family, incorporate a beautiful holiday centerpiece to bring out the most of this meal together. Look for a centerpiece that includes the holiday season with some evergreen and classic holiday colors, such as deep reds. Adding in even a few pinecones can help call to mind the cold temperatures that many experience in the northern portion of the country.

Stunning poinsettias

Although many people associate these gorgeous plants with Christmas, the beautiful reds that poinsettias produce can also be perfect for New Year. They can easily dress up the space around a fireplace or an entrance way to the home. Their brilliant colors will help put a smile on nearly anyone’s face who sees them.

White roses


Dozen White Roses

The symbolism of the white rose is perfect for New Years. People use these elegant and timeless flowers to communicate notions of new beginnings and fresh starts. The sentiment behind the flowers matches the ideas in the minds of many as the New Year approaches. Use white roses nearly anywhere in the home, from a mantel over the fireplace to a side table in the living room or kitchen. These blooms also make for excellent gifts for hostesses by guests coming to celebrate the New Year.

Fresh flowers are a gorgeous way to add to the home’s decorations and make the space seem festive and ready for the holiday season. Those who are interested in incorporating some arrangements should review the above ideas to get some ideas about what might work best in their home.