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The Best Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Blooms of Greatness

Whether it’s about hyping up the leading ladies in your life, doing good in your community, or just pausing for some self-reflection, International Women’s Day on March 8th is your day to celebrate your way. At Phoenix Flower Shops, the best florist in Phoenix, we believe fresh springtime stems are perfect for any occasion, but on IWD, they’re simply exceptional. Flowers are a rich symbol of all things warm, thoughtful, and inspiring – just like IWD itself. They can bring the finesse to any event, spark creativity, and send messages of love and admiration to the women who have impacted your life for the better. So, how are you planning to spend your IWD?

Organize a Fundraiser

If you have a passion for making real change and there’s a fire burning deep within, consider organizing a fundraiser for IWD. It’s your chance to raise money and shed some much-needed light on causes supporting women’s empowerment and well-being. Organizations can include those working on gender equality, education, healthcare, and more. Looking to elevate the ambiance or make your event fun and welcoming? Spruce up dining tables, podiums, and silent auction areas at the event with fresh flowers!

Throw a Party

Curate an iconic guest list and turn up the volume on women’s triumphs! Whether you’re going all out or keeping it low-key, an IWD party should be a celebration where guests can unwind or let loose on the dance floor and enjoy each other’s company, and maybe even that sweet appetizer you saw on TikTok. Parties are also prime opportunities for guests to mingle, meet new friends, and expand their network as they gear up to smash some glass ceilings! Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without fab flowers, from arrangements adorning tables to flower crowns and other fun creations.

Host a Meaningful Meal

Get ready to chow down at a delicious brunch, lunch, or dinner with your crew on IWD and show some major love for your sisterhood. Indulge in mouthwatering eats, sip on cocktails and mocktails, and dive deep into convos that are all about unity and celebrating girl power. Oh, and don’t forget those flower table decorations! When choosing a spot, go local and hit up women-owned restaurants – it’s a win-win that supports economic opportunities for women and female-led businesses.

Set Personal Goals

IWD is your moment to reflect on your journey, dream big, and plot your future. Goals are like your trusty treasure map, showing you the way to your dream life. So, grab your journal, buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite blooms, pour yourself a home-brewed coffee or tea, ask Alexa to play your Lofi playlist, and get to it! Whether goal-setting solo or vision-boarding with your bestie, get creative, get inspired, and remember, no dream is too big!

Send Flowers

Sending flowers on IWD is our number one favorite way to celebrate, not just because we’re your local florist. No matter where your mentors and idols are, across town, across the country, or even in your own house, sending flowers keeps those bonds strong while offering the most thoughtful sentiments, all thanks to the language of flowers. From sending florals of gratitude and love to your mom, aunt, sister, or grandma to blooms of admiration and joy to the person who has guided you and supported you throughout your career and even a sweet way to pop in and say “hello” to your day one best friend who is crushing it as a new mom, fresh stems just say it all!

For us at Phoenix Flower Shops, IWD isn’t just a day to mark off the calendar — it’s a real opportunity to contribute to meaningful change, to really make waves in the world on blossom at a time.

Honor International Women's Day