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What Your Roses Can Say

shutterstock_14492851Are you aware of the message you’re sending when you send flowers? Roses are the quintessential flower of love, and red roses convey passion and vibrance for the recipient and the relationship. However, the color red isn’t your only option when sending roses; far from it. Roses come in a range of colors to fit every relationship, sentiment, and flavor of love that you are feeling. From a bold single-color bouquet to a mixed bouquet, no flower expresses positive feelings quite like the rose. Here are a variety of different ways you can say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day:

Vibrant yellow roses. Radiant yellow roses seem to exude a bright light from deep within and are sure to bring a joyful energy to any recipient. If you want to spread cheer, warm feelings, and happiness, consider giving yellow roses to your friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

The pink rose. Pastel pink roses have an uplifting effect, allowing the person giving them to express admiration and kindness in a profound way. While light pinks make a gentle statement, deeper shades of pink embody a more nuanced feeling of affection.

Pure white roses. The white rose symbolizes purity, freshness, hope, and new beginnings. They also covey remembrance and respect. White roses can be the perfect way to mark a new start in a relationship, especially after a quarrel or breakup.

Cream or off-white roses. Ivory-colored roses can help you to express a thoughtful grace, ease, and charm to your lucky recipient. Off-white roses in antique white shades also complement just about any other rose color, so they make a wonderful accent flower.

Peach or salmon-toned roses. Peach and salmon could be considered lighter, more nuanced shades of pink and orange. These unique colors show your gratitude and appreciation for your loved one in a sophisticated, elegant manner. Honor your new, intriguing and promising connections with peach or salmon-colored roses.

Orange roses. Orange is a color of sensuality, exuberance, and positive energy. If you’re feeling amplified desire and/or enthusiasm for your partner, orange roses are an excellent way to celebrate your joyful feelings.

Lavender roses. Violet, purple, magenta, and lavender roses show deep commitment and reverence for your partner. Medium purple means “Love at first sight,” while light purple has more spiritual connotations.

Whether you’ve just met someone or you want to show love and appreciation to friends and family members, there’s a rose color to help you express it. Contact Phoenix Flower Shops to send the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.