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Throwing Your Red Themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMToday’s weddings are anything but ordinary. While white weddings with pastel decor and flowers will always have an audience, modern weddings are trending toward the bold and unexpected. One of the biggest trends is in choosing red as a main wedding theme or accent color.

If you’re planning a January wedding, there’s even more of a reason to choose red for your wedding. Red is January’s official color, and January is also complemented by the garnet as its official stone and the carnation as the flower of the month. If you want to make red the highlight color of your wedding, consider these tips and ideas:

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The color red epitomizes love, passion and boldness, and red flowers can really allow you to accent your wedding in stunning style. Church accents, bouquets, boutonnieres, reception centerpieces and other wedding decor can elegantly accent your wedding and carry your bold theme throughout the event. Here are some of the ideal flowers you can use to showcase your red-themed wedding:

Carnations. As mentioned earlier, carnation is the color of January, and red carnations are a beautiful way to decorate your winter wedding. From bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces, the carnation radiates a joyful energy that’s perfect for a wedding celebration. It also mixes very well with just about any other flower.

Lilies. Crimson or deep red lilies can be an elegant and unexpected color choice for your January wedding. Although lilies are typically associated with springtime, they’re also symbolic of new beginnings — perfect for your wedding theme and decor. Consider mixing deep red and white lilies for a truly memorable look.

BW030-21-121104103602Roses. Needless to say, roses are a beautiful choice for any wedding, and red roses are the quintessential flower of love. Incorporate red roses into your bridal and bridesmaids bouquet decor as well as your centerpieces, church flowers and other accents. Roses also mix and combine very well with other flowers such as lilies, orchids and hydrangea.

More Red Accents

Your red wedding theme need not stop at just flowers; consider pairing a rich red table cloth with pure white elements such as flowers or dinnerware. Add red candles as well as red bows and ribbons in varying widths to help complete the theme at your wedding.

Red is the color of love, passion and vitality. If this describes you and your partner as a couple, why not make red your wedding decor color? Contact Phoenix Flower Shops for more ideas.