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Tips to Inspire Your Partner to Gift Flowers “Just Because”

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous, romantic bouquet of flowers “just because?” The thought of your partner visiting your local florist and selecting the most thoughtful blooms that symbolize their feelings and even writing an endearing card message will melt anyone’s heart. But sometimes, partners don’t always realize the impact of such gestures and overlook the little things. Here at Phoenix Flower Shops, the top florist in Phoenix, AZ, we believe there is always a reason to celebrate and send love, so we’ve organized a few tips for hinting to your partner that you would love some fresh flowers “just because.”

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. You want some fresh birthday blooms
  2. Your half-birthday is soon
  3. You adopted your first fur child together
  4. It’s Friday flower time
  5. You’ve been accepted into your dream university for grad school
  6. You received a substantial pay raise at work
  7. Despite your proven dedication and skill, you weren’t chosen for promotion work
  8. National Girlfriend Day is coming up
  9. You want to keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day alive all year round
  10. They’ll be out of town for a few days while you’re home with the kids
  11. They’re going to pick you up from the airport after your week away
  12. You’re all moved into your new home
  13. The home is fresh from a spring cleaning marathon, and you’re ready to add flowers
  14. They’re looking for a way to win your forgiveness
  15. You decided to hone your cooking skills, and the results are delicious
  16. You’ll be watching the season finale of The Bachelorette, and you want the perfect ambiance
  17. It’s your engagement anniversary, and you’re stressed with wedding planning
  18. You’ve had a long week
  19. Your health check showed great signs of improvement
  20. You were featured as an industry expert in your favorite publication

How to Drop Hints

  1. Tell them how pretty and sweet flowers are whenever you see them
  2. Let them know who your preferred local florist is
  3. Make it clear which flowers you love the most by saying, “These are my absolute favorite blooms and would be a sweet surprise or gift for any occasion.”
  4. Let them know you would appreciate and love having a fresh floral arrangement to display in the house. There’s a reasonable chance they’ll get the hint.
  5. With a steady gaze and serious demeanor, explain to them, “Something you might not know about me is that gifts really speak to my heart, and receiving a bunch of fresh flowers every couple of weeks would be a really meaningful gesture. I’ve thoughtfully added reminders to your calendar with a few of my favorite seasonal blooms to make it easy.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. Since your partner hasn’t gotten you flowers, it’s time to do it yourself
  2. Fresh flowers aren’t just for people in relationships
  3. You said “good riddance” to a toxic relationship
  4. Like Cher Horowitz, you want to get your crush’s attention
  5. You’re craving your favorite wine, and sweet blooms would pair nicely
  6. Your hair is looking exceptionally fabulous today
  7. You indulged in a fresh and colorful manicure and pedicure
  8. Your stocks significantly rose this month
  9. You’re leaving the office on a sunny Friday afternoon
  10. You want to treat yourself to self-care Sunday
  11. You’ve been inspired by Miley Cyrus
  12. You spent the weekend tidying up your home
  13. You recently transformed your living space
  14. The kids have all grown and moved out of the house
  15. You’ve been having a hard day
  16. You’ve been having a great day
  17. You had the time of your life at the Taylor Swift concert
  18. You made it through jet lag
  19. It’s almost time for pumpkin spice and everything cozy
  20. You saw the cutest floral bouquet at brunch

Don’t wait until February 14th to bring fresh flowers into your home. Warm your space with sweet, fragrant, and radiant blooms to celebrate everyday occasions, from special events to simply “just because.” Your favorite florist, Phoenix Flower Shops, is always ready with stunning bouquets and arrangements to commemorate all of life’s little moments.