What is the Affiliate Program?
Our affiliate program is designed as a quick and easy way to help generate revenue for you. The only requirement for the program is a web site or blog. You earn money by promoting our website and products using the provided banners and links. Every time a visitor clicks on our link on your site and places an online order, you earn commissions.
How much commission will I earn?
Our affiliate program allows you to earn a percentage or dollar amount based the terms of your initial setup for every online order placed that is a result of a click-thru on our link on your web page.
Is there a cost to be in the program?
There is no cost. It is absolutely FREE to be enrolled in our program.
How do I become an affiliate?
All you need to get stated is to first read our Affiliate Agreement, and then fill out our brief application.
Am I qualified to be an affiliate?

We are interested in sites that are interested in promoting our brand and selling our products. We review all applications and look for the following. 1) Aesthetically pleasing in appearance 2) Do not contain offensive or pornographic content 3) Must be fully functional (sites under construction will not be approved).

What happens after I apply?

A customer service agent will review your information and website to ensure that it is appropriate and compatible for our program. Once you are approved you will be assigned a username and password. This will grant you access to our Affiliate Account Site, which will supply you with all that you need to start earning commissions.

What's on the affiliate account site?
Once logged in you'll be able to view all the clicks that have been generated from the link on your website along with the number of resulting online orders. You will also be able to view your current account balance. This is also where we provide all the banners, images, textual links, and marketing support.
When and how do I get paid?
You will be paid monthly as long as your commissions exceed $25.00. If your commissions for the month are under $25.00 they will roll over every month until your balance is $25.00 or more. All checks will be mailed to the billing contact you put on the Affiliate Application.
What products count towards commission?

All products available at our website are eligible to earn commissions. However, Delivery Fees and Service Charges will not earn commissions.

How often are new banners available?

Banners are reviewed through out the year and are updated periodically. 

Can I use content from your website on my site?
We will need to review and approve the use of the content and placement prior to its use. Please contact your assigned representative if you have any questions.