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5 Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch for Autumn

The best way to celebrate and spread the spirit of the season is by decorating the front of your home for fall. Celebrating the beauty of autumn will make your home look cheerful and welcoming for the season. These fun and festive ideas from our expert designers at Phoenix Flower Shops will instantly amp up your curb appeal, impressing all neighbors, friends, and family in Phoenix.

Mums and Pumpkins

Fall Flowers

Our favorite flowers for fall are chrysanthemums. These lovely plants bloom abundantly in almost every color you can imagine, including all the fiery fall favorites like red, yellow, orange, gold, copper, and bronze. Plus, they’re in-season, which means potted chrysanthemums will continue to bloom well beyond Thanksgiving Day. Place them all around your front porch, steps, and doorway for a burst of warm color. For fall, we also recommend kalanchoe, goldenrod, marigolds, sunflowers, and lantana.

Croton plant

Lush Leafy Greens

Although your flowers could stand alone, filling them out with a variety of lush greenery will give your autumn display much-needed depth. We recommend croton plants for their yellow and red mottled leaves, but potted kale plants in deep green and purple look stunning, too.

Fall Textiles

Cozy Textiles

Now that the summer heat has passed, switch out your lighter and brighter outdoor cushions and pillows for autumn styles in darker hues like cherry red, burgundy, deep green, navy, and cocoa. Look for cozier fabrics like flannel and wool, and stack up a few blankets for snuggling up outdoors on those chilly autumn evenings.

Bountiful Beauty

Autumn is a time for harvest and that means abundance. Reflect this seasonal theme with an abundant autumn display that transforms your front porch into a veritable cornucopia of design elements. Pile up pumpkins, gourds, flowers, plants, and other autumn accents like cornstalks, hay bales, and scarecrows to create layers and layers of fun. To keep it all looking stylishly put-together, do your best to maintain balance and symmetry on either side of your front door.

Pumpkins Aplent

No autumn display would be complete without a smattering of pumpkins (and gourds, too, of course)! Gather up a variety of pumpkins in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to create visually interesting groupings. If you want your display to last through Thanksgiving Day, then we recommend leaving your pumpkins intact, instead of carving them up for Halloween.

To add a playful design element, you can try painting your pumpkins to create cute patterns and festive critters. Spray them metallic gold or silver to create an elegant look or boldly paint your house numbers on a few and stack them up to help visitors find their way to your home.

Be Festive Outside and In with Fall Floral Arrangements

No one says the festivities have to stop at the front door. You can celebrate the season inside with beautifully designed autumn floral arrangements, centerpieces, and accents. Fall floral arrangements can easily brighten up dark corners, warm your foyer, and add elegance to the center of your dining table. To view our complete autumn floral selection, we welcome you to stop by a Phoenix Flower Shops showroom or browse online today.