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Keep The Romance Strong with These Perfect Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

Keeping a long-distance relationship going strong can sometimes be challenging, but spicing it up once in a while with heart-felt, “thinking of you” gifts goes a long way in reinforcing the love and bond between you and your significant other. Here at Phoenix Flowers, we know a thing or two about romance and relationships, which is why we put together a list of great long-distance relationship gifts to let your partner know they are on your mind and in your heart.

Long-Distance Gifts Your Partner Will Love

beautiful arrangement of 6 red and 6 white roses


There isn’t anyone on the planet who doesn’t appreciate a romantic and beautiful bouquet of roses. Nothing says “I Love You” like the symbol of love itself – the perfect and majestic rose. Red roses are, of course, known for deep passionate, and romantic love, but pink, white, yellow, or peach roses are just as nice. Send your loved one roses in her favorite color or in mixed colors, or red, to show her just how much she means to you. Something like our Unity Roses arrangement which has pristine white roses that contrast against the deep, rich color of the red roses.

Bond Touch Bracelets - image from Bond-touch

Bond Touch Bracelets

These cool bracelets let you and your partner know whenever you are thinking of each other, regardless of time or distance, or place. Just pick up a pair, one for each you, and sync them together. Then, when you want to let your SO know they are on your mind, just touch your bracelet and it will send vibrations and colored lights immediately to their bracelet. It’s a physical manifestation of your thoughts and love sent in real-time across a great distance. Pretty cool, right?

Tan and white stuffed dog

Plush Doggo

There’s nothing like cuddling up with a soft, squishy, lovable stuffed animal to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. A great way to give your partner the warm and fuzzies feeling and think of you at the same is with a plush animal they’ll have around them at all times.

a variety of succulent plants in a decorative ceramic bowl


A living, growing, and thriving plant is not only a great gift for any home, but it is also a great gift to symbolize your relationship. Send a plant to your loved one and as they nourish it and take care of it so it grows, they will think of you and the growing relationship between the two of you, also, even though you may be far apart. A plant-like our Succulent Garden -Medium, filled with striking succulents, is a great low-maintenance plant choice to send to your partner.

Cooridates Bracelets - Image from Amazon

Personalized Coordinates Bracelets

These types of bracelets come in a variety of colors and materials so finding one that suits you and your LDR love should be easy. What makes these bracelets perfect for long-distance couples is the unique coordinates engraved on them. These coordinates can be of where each of you currently resides and each would wear the other’s location bracelet, or, they can have the special coordinates of where you both first met. It’s a charming gift that is personalized and unique in a subtle way.

luxurious display of hydrangea, roses, orchids and lush greenery presented in a gorgeous heavyweight molded glass vase

Wine & Flower Gift Basket

Sure, any gift basket is always a welcomed gift, but you can never go wrong with a gift basket of wine and flowers. Select a type of wine your far-away love enjoys as well as their favorite flowers and when they come home to such a nice surprise, they won’t be able to stop gushing over you.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a long-distance relationship gift is for it to be from the heart. Keep your LDR bond strong by sending gifts frequently if you’ll be apart for a long time. If you’re ever stumped for a great gift idea, look no further than a lovely bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers. Flowers are always the perfect gift.