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Refresh & Revive Your Home with Spring Florals

After a dark and cold winter, the best way to revive and refresh your home is with spring flowers and plants. A time of rebirth and renewal, spring has a freshness and energy to it that we all want to experience. After cleaning, de-cluttering, and packing away winter blankets, revive and rejuvenate your home, and your spirit, by bringing in gorgeous spring flowers and plants. Your friends here at Phoenix Flower Shops, the best florist in Phoenix, have ideas on which flowers to add to your spring home decor.

Refresh Your Bathroom

A good place to start in refreshing your bathroom is to de-clutter and organize the contents of drawers and cabinets. Clean as you go along and toss out any expired medicine and makeup. Then, give the fixtures and countertops a good cleaning with a solution of lemon and vinegar to make everything shine.

Refresh with Flowers

Transform your bathroom from boring to posh with colorful and fresh plants and florals, which will make this space a more luxurious and soothing place to be. Good choices for the bathroom are:

  • Eucalyptus: Has a clean scent of minty pine
  • Peace Lily: Helps to purify the air
  • Tulips: Makes any room brighter and lighter and inspires joy
  • Carnations: A cheerful bloom that symbolizes good luck

Reorganize Your Bedroom

Remove your heavy winter bedding and lighten things up in your bedroom with lighter, softer, and more sheer items for spring. After organizing your closet, pack away or donate old clothes to make room for new spring arrivals. Pull back the drapes and let the sun and fresh air in to drive away the winter blues.

Reorganize with Flowers

Freshen your bedroom with the bright colors of spring blooms and plants. Put a palm or snake plant in a decorative planter near a sunny window to get the air-purifying benefits. Place fresh florals in a vase and put on your dresser or nightstand for an elegant look with finesse. Additional floral ideas for brightening up your bedroom include:

  • Sunflowers: Warm, energetic, and bright
  • Gerbera Daisies: Symbolize joy and provides a bright pop of color
  • Daffodils: Bright, mood-boosting, and full of radiance
  • Hyacinths: Vibrant blooms that are lush and pretty

Refine Your Kitchen

Spruce up your kitchen by giving everything a good wipe down and then declutter and organize all cabinets and drawers. Use a natural cleaner like lemon and vinegar to tackle those stains without a strong chemical odor.

Refine with Flowers

For a lovely touch of spring, add fresh plants and flowers to refresh your kitchen. Put one flower each into a couple of small clear vases and line them up on the window sill for a fresh, chic look, or, gather together a mix of colorful flowers to fill a decorative ceramic teapot for instant farm-house style charm. Other fresh plants and florals perfect for the kitchen are:

  • Peonies: Lush, fragrant, and graceful
  • Sweet Peas: Sweet and dainty symbols of peace
  • Hydrangea: Soothing, colorful, and elegant
  • Orchids: A symbol of refinement with colorful blossoms

Bringing elements of spring into your home to enjoy the best of what the season has to offer and to give your abode and your spirit a rejuvenating refresh. For all your spring florals needs, Phoenix Flowers is here to help.