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The Favorite Flowers of Famous Women

Just as every woman is unique in character, beauty, and spirit, so too is every flower. In recognition of Women’s History Month, Phoenix and the Valley are celebrating with their favorite florist, Phoenix Flower Shops, and we couldn’t help but wonder what the favored flower is for some of our ideal women in history and today.

Anne Hathaway – Anemones

A versatile actress with numerous awards, it’s no surprise Anne Hathaway’s favorite flower is the anemone – a flower that comes in numerous vibrant colors. The anemone is a wildflower with delicate petals creating a cup shape. Adding a pop of color wherever they’re placed, anemones have a variety of meanings ranging from pureness and grace (white), forsaken love (pink and red), and protection from evil (purple).

Katy Perry – White and Purple Hydrangeas

White and purple hydrangeas are Katy Perry’s favorite flowers. Adored for their glorious large blooms made up of numerous delicate petals, hydrangeas are a favored shrub in gardens, too. Plus, you’ll find their big blooms in many floral arrangements. Purity, grace, peace is represented by white hydrangeas, and purple hydrangeas represent royalty and understanding. With characteristics like these, it’s not surprising they are Katy Perry’s favorite flowers.

Lady Gaga – White roses

The delicate and glorious white rose is Lady Gaga’s favorite flower. She often wears them as adornments or accessories as well. White roses symbolize pure love, peace, and new beginnings, which is why it has long been a popular flower at weddings. In Greek mythology, the white rose is associated with Adonis, who is responsible for renewal and rebirth. White roses are also connected to focus in life, and having an arrangement of white roses in a vase inside your home means peaceful energy exists throughout your home. Another celebrity singer whose favorite flower is the white rose is Madonna – who has them regularly in her dressing rooms when she performs.

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