Gourmet Baskets

Favorites in Gourmet Baskets

These delicious gift baskets are packed with smoked meats, cheeses, and all of their favorite gourmet snacks. View our many selections of gourmet baskets or call us for a special basket made to order. Contact customer service for quantity orders for additional savings! 

Sending a Gourmet Basket from Phoenix Flower Shops in Arizona is a delightful way to convey a variety of sentiments, from gratitude and congratulations to comfort during difficult times. Each basket is a cornucopia of carefully selected, high-quality treats that promise to please the palate and warm the heart.

What makes these baskets particularly special is the thought and consideration that goes into curating them. Phoenix Flower Shops knows that indulgence is in the details. They might include artisanal cheeses that melt smoothly over the tongue, accompanied by crisp, hand-crafted crackers. Or perhaps there’s a selection of rich, velvety chocolates, alongside premium nuts and fresh, succulent fruits that burst with Arizona’s sunshine in every bite. A Gourmet Basket is not just food; it's an experience. It invites the recipient to savor a moment of luxury, to take a pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in high-quality, gourmet delights. Whether it's shared among colleagues, friends, or savored in quiet solitude, a basket from Phoenix Flower Shops offers more than just sustenance; it's a gesture that turns an ordinary day into a special occasion, a sensory journey that one can relish bite by bite.

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